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An inclusive, prosperous and secure future for all South Africans in a country healed from its past.

Action SA

President: Herman Mashaba

National Chairperson: Michael Beaumont


Vision: An inclusive, prosperous and secure future for all South Africans in a country healed from its past.


Mission: We exist in service to the South African people by working to deliver governments at local, provincial and a national level that act effectively and decisively to their benefit.



1) Non-Racialism - South Africa must become a country where success is a product of people's ingenuity and hard work, regardless of race. ActionSA will reflect the diversity of our country.


2) Social Justice - To achieve this non-racial future, government must address the legacy of our unjuect past through investing in education and opportunities that lift people out of poverty.


3) Economic Prosperity - A competitive, market-based economy with government providing the environment for economic growth, job creation and small business proliferation. No labour union should have a veto-power over government.


4) Rule of Law - When a crime is committed, a criminal goes to jail. It is that simple. Modernising SAPS, capacitating an independent NPA (National Prosecuting Authority) and establishing more courts to hasten justice are critical steps.


5) Quality Education - Overhauling our curriculum, performance managing educators, building new universities and colleges, and ending SADTU's control over the future of our children.


6) Electoral Reform - A system where South Africans vote directly for those who represent us in government, ending the era where political parties give us the candicates that serve them.


7) Ethical Leadership & Public Service - Professionalising the civil service by appointing people on merit, instilling ethics and bringing back the Scorpions to combat corruption.


Other Members of Leadership:

Director of Operations: John  Moodey

Chief Strategist: Andre Coetzee

National Spokesperon: Lerato Ngobeni

Treasurer: Suren Panday

National Communications Director: Sam Mgobozi

National Fundraising Chairperson: Alan Beesley

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