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Independent South African National Civic Organisation

Diphetoho !!! Inguquko !!! Change !!!

President: DR SB. Ramosie



  • State Bank: Post Bank be revitalized to assist our people

  • Minimum living wages

  • Township Economy

  • Distribution of land to those who use it (expropriation of land)

  • Introduction of State Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Public Private partnership in Mining

  • Job Creation

  • Equal pay of social grant starting from R2200.00 in 2024

  • Abolishing of deputy minister post. Ministers to work hand in hand with departmental HoDs/Director Generals

  • Refurbishment of railway lines and station for goods transportation, through Transnet as a way of reducing traffic and accidents.

  • Quality Education

  • Revamb State Security

  • Stop power loadshedding

  • Stop Gender based Violence



Key Priorities

Township Economy

Revive TOWNSHIP ECONOMY, we can't be seen importing businesses such as Tuck-Shops, Tarvans, Bottle Stores, Beauty Salons etc... at townships. Government should subsidize those businesses so they can be sustained.

Cooperatives Model System

To introduce Cooporatives model system, monitored and supervised by Government( job creation) cooperatives can be trusted to manufacture; toilet paper, school uniforms, Police & Traffic uniforms etc.


Revive railway lines for goods transportation as a way of reducing road accidents and damages.

Social Grant

We strive for equal pay Social Grant resuming at R 2200.00 from April 2024 ['SRD R350 Grant,care Dependency Grant, Child Support Grant, Foster Child Grant, Disability Grant, old Persons Grant]

Service delivery to the masses of our people cannot be blown through the wind of a day, BUT can only be realised through dedication of individuals prepared to serve the public while in a position of power.

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