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RISE Mzansi

RISE Mzansi is a call to all South Africans who demand a better future, free from political and government neglect & corruption.

RISE Mzansi is building a modern political organisation of patriotic South Africans.

We are organising, mobilising and empowering citizens to build a country where People are free and enabled to pursue happiness and well-being.



RISE Mzansi is a voluntary political organisation whose policies are determined by its volunteers and leadership from time to time, in strict accordance with the following values:


i) Freedom: which means that all activities and pursuits of RISE Mzansi must further the rights of South Africans in pursuit of wellbeing at individual, family and community level.


ii) Justice: which means that RISE Mzansi shall aim to further entrench the principle of fairness, beyond just equality before the law but also building a society that is fair – where income or social status do not determine whether any individual can reach their full potential. It is a society where we set out to actively reverse the legacy of colonialism and apartheid, creating a society where human dignity is paramount.


iii) Equality: which means that RISE Mzansi shall endeavour to achieve true equality for every citizen, where with equal and meaningful access to opportunities that lead to a healthy, safe & fulfilling life and the right to fully participate in democratic processes and the tangible benefits that flow from freedom as enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.


iv) Solidarity: which means that RISE Mzansi shall build a society that meets the basic needs of all its citizens and ensures human wellbeing, human development, fulfilment of rights and access to opportunity for all.


v) Integrity: which means that RISE Mzansi, its representatives and volunteers shall at all times, act in strict accordance with the tacit social contract between the people and those they choose as representatives, which requires such representatives to act in the public interest through civil and political service, underpinned at all times by the fundamental principles of transparency and accountability.

Key Priorities

Political Reform

RISE Mzansi advocates for comprehensive political reforms to enhance democratic processes, representation, and citizen engagement.

Public Safety

RISE Mzansi prioritizes creating safe communities through effective crime prevention, law enforcement, and social interventions.

Economic Growth, Inclusion, and Justice

RISE Mzansi seeks to foster sustainable economic growth, ensure inclusivity, and promote economic justice for all South Africans.

Fighting Corruption

RISE Mzansi is dedicated to rooting out corruption at all levels of government and institutions through robust anti-corruption measures and increased accountability.

Climate Crisis

RISE Mzansi addresses the urgent climate crisis by implementing green policies, promoting renewable energy, and advocating for environmental protection.

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