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SA Government Explained

Do you really understand how South Africa's government actually works? Who are the key role players? What are the core structures and how do they function? Who is responsible for what? And how can you, the citizen, hold them to account? 

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where you can educate, empower and inspire yourself, and those around you, to understand how you can help make your local community and South Africa a place you are truly proud to live in! 

The Role of Parliament

In this short clip, OUTA (Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse) explain how those who work in our Parliament actually work for YOU the citizen! 

Why do we have a Constitution?

Today, South Africa is what we call a constitutional democracy. In this video, Civics Academy explain why we have a constitution. It is of upmost importance that we, as citizens, protect the Constitution against possible threats and help to ensure that political leaders adhere to the provisions of the Constitution. Our Constitution is our blueprint for a better future.

Disinformation Destroys Democracy

Don't believe everything you see or hear! Do your own homework before deciding what you think is true. Understanding that often there's an agenda that drives a particular narrative which can be presented in a way that isn't the full story, or may not even be the truth. Educate yourself and don't be fooled. 

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