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'Action is the antidote to despair' - Joan Baez

New Project Coming Soon!

We are thrilled to be partnering with AltVest, providing an opportunity for those abroad to invest in businesses in South Africa. 

AltVest is:

• A platform that seeks to democratise alternative investments;

• A platform that brings bespoke investment opportunities to ordinary people; and

• A platform that uses trusted media platforms to educate and raise awareness of the investment opportunities.

AltVest Provides:

• Reliable exposure and information on investment opportunities;

• Reliable and transparent analysis by independent experts;

• Cost effective and transparent platforms to trade through; and

• Fractionalised investment options.

AltVest Asset Classes:

• Private equity

• Property & community housing

• Sustainable agriculture

• Fintech and block-chain led projects

• Renewable energy

• Luxury assets

New Project Coming Soon!

We cannot wait to INpower women abroad! 

Alison Botha was brutally raped and disembowelled in Cape Town in 1994. Mark Grobbelaar had met Alison some years prior in London but they had since lost touch. They reconnected in 2020 and a conversation between them sparked this program. 

What is WIP?

WIP is an extremely simple, easy to learn, yet devastatingly effective self INpowerment system that has been designed specifically for women to give them the mental and physical ability to make a Choice in a threatening situation.

What the WIP team offers is not about learning how to fight, it is about learning key principles that teach you a way of thinking. INpower you to think about and react for your personal safety, not from a place of paranoia but from a place of knowledge and power.

The principals I’ve learnt in this course have become so ingrained in my way of thinking in any situation. I think it is because they are principals of common sense but also years of expert experience and passion for inpowering us as woman.

Fancy a chat?

We need all hands on deck to put South Africa on a path to prosperity. If you’d like to find out more about voting, how to be an active citizen beyond just voting, and understand more about various political parties if you’re not sure who to vote for, please schedule a 1-2-1 call by clicking on the Calendly link

Get Talking!

Educate, empower & inspire those around you. Talk to your friends & family, colleagues & neighbours, the shop or petrol attendant!

Be Active!

We'll be running webinars with practical tips on how to be an active citizen & make a lasting impact so keep an eye out on our website & social media.


If you can to make a contribution then please support reputable political parties and civil society organisations. If you're unsure who to donate to, get in touch with us and we can guide you.

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