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United Independent Movement

Together we will make South Africa great again. 

Leader: Neill De Beer

We are relentless patriots that believe in our country and our people. A home for all. We place South Africa first in our hearts, our minds, our thoughts and our actions. We understand that we need to live and breathe this for a truly united and prosperous South Africa. Saving South Africa will require a massive collective effort, not only from us, but from our supporters as well.


The United Independent Movement is a South African political party that was founded by Neil De Beer, international businessman and former national security advisor to Nelson Mandela. The party initially formed as a civil society movement after De Beer had lost faith in the African National Congress (ANC). What was intended to be a simple politically driven movement for the people, soon became so much more to many South Africans. Eventually the movement gained so much momentum and support that people started looking at the UIM as the possible entity that could possibly play a major role in the unsure future of South Africa and bring about much needed change. The call came from the people to form a political party in order to contest elections and possibly represent them in government. On 2 August 2021 the UIM officially registered as political party

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