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Vryheids Front Plus

We are committed to group rights, against affirmative action and towards a better SA for all.

Leader: Dr Pieter Groenewald

Chief Whip: Dr Corné Mulder


The Freedom Front Plus is irrevocably committed to the realisation of communities’, in particular the Afrikaner’s, internationally recognised right to self-determination, territorial or otherwise; the maintenance, protection and promotion of their rights and interests, as well as the promotion of the right of self-determination of any other community, bound by a common language and cultural heritage in South Africa.

The people of South Africa should unite in a new vision for the future. A vision where you once again take control of your future. A future based on the values of integrity, honesty, hard work, mutual respect and neighbourly love. Such values have always been the steady foundation for the creation of a future of peace, safety and prosperity.

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