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We would like to explore options to assist with securing more viable and affordable travel options to help increase the voter turnout in 2024. We understand the difficulty and challenges many face due to the severe limitations of access to voting at foreign missions only. Where possible we'd love to try help arrange group travel and turn overseas voting day into a Proudly South African experience. We are not travel agents and this is not for profit-making, we will need volunteers to assist in each of the countries where there's sufficient responses to make this possible. Please click below to fill in your details and share with South Africans you know voting abroad.

Walk, drive, coach, train, taxi, fly...

How are you planning on getting to your nearest foreign mission to cast your vote in 2024?


The IEC's Voters Roll is now closed.

Whether you've recently registered or you have registered/voted in previous elections, please check your voter registration status on the IEC website by clicking here. 

The new Electoral Amendment Bill states that for 2024 you can ONLY vote at the voting station where you are registered. If the voters roll does not show you are registered to the  foreign mission where you intent to vote at, you MUST submit a VEC10 form to the IEC to notify them of your intent to vote out of country. The VEC10 form will remain available until midnight on 22 April 2024.

If you are registered to vote in SA but will be voting abroad and did no re-register before the Voter's Roll closed, please click here to submit a VEC10 form. 

The VEC10 form is only a temporary change. After this election you will remain registered to the original voting station and if you have relocated, when the voters roll opens again in the future, you will need to re-register to change your voting station permanently. 

Stay Informed!
Are you on the Voter's Roll?

The Democratic Alliance petition for more voting stations abroad


The South African legislation identifies embassies, consulates and high commissions as places where voting and registration will take place. This seriously limits access to voting for South Africans abroad, and may result in many being unable to cast their vote. The DA has launched this petition (please click to open petition page) and we strongly encourate you to sign the petition. 

Update on Loss of Citizenship court ruling & next steps

The Supreme Court of Appeal awarded judgement mid-2023 to the DA regarding the unconstitutionality of Section 6(1)(a) of the South African Citizenship Act that has resulted in the unknown and unwillling loss of SA citizenship. Whilst there was movement, with a document being issued by the Constitutional Court on 8 March 2024 however we are told that the Department of Home Affairs had until 1 April 2024 to submit some paperwork. Therefore we are still awaiting ratification of the SCA ruling on unconstitutionality. Until the concourt does so, the judgment is not in force and South Africans need to continue to apply for retention. 

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Sounds the call to come TOGETHER...

...And UNITED we shall stand!

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